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Golden keywords

Increases Your Product Visibility in Organic Searches

Niche keywords can also bring you sales besides the generic keywords that describe your product.


We get more assertive on the side roads and go to the main road

We all want to appear on the first pages when searched for the main keyword that directly describes our product. So how can we achieve this?

We liken this main keyword to the busiest street of a big city. Opening a store on the main street may be costly at first. Instead, we aim to be successful in more niche searches, and then move our store to the main street.

We use all these keywords, which we obtained as a result of the analysis, in the search term, which is limited to 249 characters, and in the bullet and description fields that introduce your product. In this way, we aim to index your product with a unique content and organically in all search terms that your product can reach.

In addition, we identify similar and unrelated word groups and use them for budget savings in advertising (PPC) management.

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    Collection Data

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    Analysis Keywords

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    Content Writing

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    Launch & Monitoring

Before we start the SEO work, we take a snapshot. In this way, we check what stage the work is at in the future and whether it reaches the goals.

We collect many keywords that are closely and distantly related to the product for analysis.

The most critical point. The meeting place of the customer and the product is determined exactly in this study. Correct matches and irrelevant words are determined and preparation is made for the content creation phase.

We write your title, bullets (Sensitive to Customer Desire and SEO Upgraded) and description (Unique) with analised golden keywords to maximize your visibility.

And the product page is launched in its new form with the final corrections regarding the editing of the page. After this period, the effect of SEO is followed and analyzed for about 2-3 months.


This service keeps track of which search terms of yours Amazon has indexed. Thus, you can evaluate the difference of the service you receive from us.

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